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Eco-Friendy Weed Control

& Lawn Disease Prevention

Disease and Fungus Prevention Program: 
  • Four fungicide applications from May-August

  • Each treatment lasts 21-28 Days

  • Designed to prevent and help cure any diseases

  • Grub control application Mid-May

  • Expedited fall army worm control - If required.

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If your lawn is showing signs of disease or fungus activity, time is of the essence.

Protect your lawn with our disease and pest prevention program. Warm overnight temperatures, high humidity, and excess water are often the causes of fungus development. Lawn diseases can be a serious problem. Often, the first sign of trouble will be an unexplained change in the color of your lawn which may occur in different patterns or shapes. Left unchecked these "patches" may spread and even cause the grass to die, especially when combined with our harsh summer heat. Preventing lawn fungus is much easier than trying to cure an outbreak.  Additionally, this program also includes a grub prevention application in Mid-May. This is designed to prevent white grub infestations which can be devastating to your lawn.

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