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Fall aeration and overseeding is the most efficient way to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. 

Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA


Fall Aeration and Overseeding represents the most efficient method for enhancing the quality of your lawn. The outcome of this service holds utmost importance as it directly impacts how your lawn will look in the following year. Below, we present an outline of the 4-step process we employ to revitalize your lawn.
Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Custom Starter Fertilizer

After an unsuccessful search for a suitable starter fertilizer that catered to our local soil profiles, we collaborated closely with a custom fertilizer manufacturer to create our own blend. This decision is crucial as it enables us to be responsible environmental stewards, minimizing excessive fertilizer usage that could result in runoff and over-application of certain nutrients already present in the soil.

Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Core Aeration

Aerating your lawn may seem simple, but there's more to it than meets the eye, and not all providers offer the same level of service. Core aeration involves using machines to pull small plugs of soil from your lawn, reducing compaction and enabling essential elements like oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone effectively. This process also creates an ideal seed bed for your new grass seed to germinate. What sets Turf Professors apart from our competition is not just our dedicated and professional team members, but also the top-notch equipment we use to ensure quality results for every customer.

Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Tall Fescue Grass Seed

At Turf Professors, we understand that not all grass seed is equal, which is why we rely on a meticulously crafted 3-way blend of Turf Type Tall Fescue grass seed. Each variety has undergone rigorous testing and is approved by the Virginia - Maryland Turfgrass Evaluation Program. Our chosen seeds are certified and tested within Virginia, proving exceptional performance for at least 2-3 years. Going the extra mile, we use only blue tag certified seed, completely free from weeds or additional crops.

Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Organic Soil Amendment

After performing our core aeration and overseeding service, our team will promptly apply a 100% organic bio-stimulant. This specially formulated product serves multiple purposes, such as enhancing seed germination, unlocking soil nutrients, and introducing a variety of beneficial soil microbes. These steps are crucial for revitalizing and naturally improving soil quality. This included application goes beyond the basic requirements to achieve acceptable results; instead, it maximizes the overall outcome of our service.

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