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Fall aeration and overseeding is the most efficient way to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. 

Turf Professors is Richmond’s premier aeration and overseeding service provider. When combined with one of our eco-friendly lawn care programs your lawn will have every chance to thrive. Here are some of the main benefits of aeration and overseeding: 

Reduces Soil Compaction.

Allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach plant roots. 

Stimulates deeper root growth and health. 

Creates a natural seedbed for grass seed to germinate.

Turf Professors aeration and overseeding service will improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

Why choose Turf Professors for aeration and overseeding?

Graphic Design of the Aeration Process for Lawns

1. Turf Professors utilize professional stand on aeration machines. These machines deliver superior results due to their ability to operate in less than ideal soil conditions.  Unlike other providers, we only use walk behind aerators when we are dealing with small gates, slopes, or difficult to reach areas. Our investment in superior equipment allows our team members to focus their attention on customer service and superior results. 

2. After aeration we will apply a custom blend of turf type tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass at a rate of 6 lbs. per 1000 square feet of lawn. You will also notice our team members using small hand cultivators working seed into the ground around mail boxes, sidewalk edges, and hard to reach areas. 

3. After aeration and overseeding our team will apply a 100% organic bio-nutrient product. This application contains ingredients like humic, sea kelp, molasses, and micro-organisms which help with soil health and root development. This product allows us to cut back on synthetic nitrogen applications by as much as 50%. 

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