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Want to learn more about Turf Professors lawn care programs? 

Q: Why should I make the switch to Turf Professors?

A: High quality fertilizers infused with bio-nutrients and soil conditioning products allows us to cut nitrogen inputs by up to 50% compared to traditional lawn care providers. Additionally, we are committed to keeping routes smaller for our technicians which allows for better application timing, and more time spent on your property. 

Q: Is Turf Professors more expensive than traditional lawn treatment providers?

A: We work extremely hard to keep costs competitive while still offering a safer and more eco-friendly product.

Q: Are we organic?

A: Although our products contain products like humic, sea kelp, and micro-nutrients it’s not 100% organic. The good part is that by utilizing these bio-nutrients we are able to improve soil health and achieve the same results as the regional and national providers with approximately 50% less nitrogen. Less nitrogen is safer for our watershed which flows directly into the Chesapeake Bay.

Q: Can I mow right after a treatment?

A: Yes, but please wait until the product is dry. During warm weather this may take as little as 20 minutes but during cooler times of the year this may take up to 2 hours. 

Q: When can my children and pets return to the lawn after treatment?

A: As soon as the product is dry. Depending on temperatures this may be as little as 20 minutes or as much as 2-3 hours after an application. The higher the temperature the faster the product will dry.

Q: Do I need a disease and pest prevention program?

A: It depends on your lawn expectations. Some lawns are more prone to disease and pest infestations than others. Lots of factors come into play such as shade, watering and mowing practices, moisture retention, and airflow. Disease and grub prevention is much more affordable and effective than trying to cure an outbreak.

Q: Can I schedule when my applications are made?

A: Unfortunately no. We will send you a reminder via text and email the day before an application is scheduled. If for some reason you need to postpone an application please call our office asap so we can reschedule.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: You have a couple different options to make payments. If you have a card on file with us you will be billed automatically following your application, if you would prefer to make payments per application you will receive an email and text after your application which will direct you to our online portal where you can pay your bill.

Q: Are Turf Professors technicians licensed?

A: Yes, all of our technicians are licensed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Q: How often do we treat your lawn?

A: You will see us on your lawn every 4-8 weeks.

Q: Does Turf Professors offer mowing or landscape services?

A: No, however feel free to call our office and we will refer you to some of our service partners in your area. 

Q: Are your services guaranteed?

A: Yes! We will do everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with your lawn. But please keep in mind that lawn care is a partnership and we need your help. Please follow our mowing and watering guides which you can find under the resources tab. There are also some elements to lawn care which are out of our control. Excess moisture, shade, and lack of air flow are all environmental effects which no amount of chemicals or fertilizers can overcome. If something doesn’t look right with your lawn please contact us asap. The faster we are aware of any issues the faster we can come up with a solution.

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