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Don’t Mow Low!

Mastering the correct lawn mowing techniques is essential in our transitional climate, where the right mowing height can significantly impact the health and vitality of your lawn. At Turf Professors, we understand the unique lawn care needs of this region, especially for popular tall fescue lawns.

frozen grass blades

The Risks of Overly Short Mowing

Cutting your lawn too short can have several negative impacts:

  • Reduced Photosynthesis: Grass relies on blade surface area for photosynthesis. Mowing too low can limit its ability to produce energy, a critical issue during the hot summers when your lawn is already under stress.

  • Weakened Root Systems: The height of grass blades is directly linked to the depth of the roots. Shorter grass can lead to shallow roots, making your lawn less capable of efficient water and nutrient uptake and more vulnerable to drought.

  • Increased Weed Growth: Short grass exposes more soil to sunlight, which can create ideal conditions for weeds to germinate and flourish. Taller grass naturally shades the soil, helping to prevent weed infestation.

  • Disease Susceptibility: A lawn cut too short is more prone to diseases. The stress from being cut low weakens its defenses, making it easier for pathogens to attack.

Ideal Mowing Heights for Our Climate

Understanding the right mowing height is crucial for a healthy lawn:

  • During Cooler Months (Fall and Early Spring): It's advisable to cut tall fescue lawns to about 3.5 inches, promoting healthy growth and preparing the lawn for warmer months.

  • During Hot Summer Months: As temperatures climb, it's beneficial to raise your mowing height. We recommend a height of at least 4 inches, possibly up to 4.5 inches. Higher grass blades provide better soil shading, more effective photosynthesis, and improved resilience against heat, humidity, and weeds.


Mowing your lawn too short can compromise its health and appearance. At Turf Professors, we emphasize the importance of maintaining the correct mowing height to ensure your lawn stays lush, green, and healthy. By avoiding the temptation to cut your grass too low, you can protect your lawn from unnecessary stress and keep it thriving throughout the year. Trust our expertise to guide you in all aspects of lawn care, keeping your outdoor space beautiful and sustainable.

Contact Us Today for Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Solutions

For more information about our environmentally responsible lawn care programs, which prioritize the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment, contact us today. Let Turf Professors help you maintain a vibrant and healthy lawn in our unique climate.


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