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How to Protect your Lawn During Outdoor Activities

Enjoying your lawn for recreation and gatherings is part of the joys of home ownership. At Turf Professors, we're all for making the most of your outdoor space while also maintaining its health and appearance. Here are some tips to help you balance fun activities with lawn care.

frozen grass blades

Careful Placement of Trampolines

Trampolines are great for outdoor fun but can be tough on the lawn underneath. Rather than moving them periodically, we recommend placing your trampoline in an area where you're comfortable with not having grass, such as a dedicated play area. An even better idea is positioning the trampoline on a mulch bed. This not only protects your lawn but also provides a safer, softer landing area in case someone bounces off.

Slip and Slides: Fun But Fleeting

Slip and slides are synonymous with summer fun, but they should be used wisely. Extended use, especially under the hot sun, will damage the grass beneath due to heat and water exposure. We recommend enjoying them for a few hours and then removing them from the lawn promptly to minimize damage to your lawn.

Post-Event Lawn Recovery

After hosting an outdoor event or BBQ, your lawn might look a little worse for wear. To help it recover, water the lawn the following morning. In some cases, fluffing up the grass with a leaf blower can help it bounce back quicker. These steps can rejuvenate your lawn and help it heal from the trampling.

Rotate Locations for Pools and Large Toys

Kids’ pools and large toys are fun but can stress the grass. Instead of keeping them in one spot, rotate their locations to prevent long-term damage. Regular movement ensures no single area of your lawn is burdened for too long.


Your lawn is meant to be lived on and enjoyed. By embracing these tips, you can fully enjoy your outdoor activities while keeping your lawn in top condition. It's about striking the ideal balance and being conscious of how your activities can influence your lawn's health.

Need More Lawn Care Advice?

If you have questions about lawn care or need assistance after heavy lawn use, don't hesitate to reach out to Turf Professors. We're here to help ensure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful, no matter how much fun you have on it.


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