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Is Turf Professors Completely Organic?

At Turf Professors, we often encounter questions from our current and potential customers about whether our products are organic. We understand the growing interest in organic lawn care and want to clarify our approach to combining the best of both organic and traditional lawn care methods.

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Our Balanced Approach to Lawn Care

While our products include organic components like humic acid, sea kelp, yucca, amino acids, and micro-nutrients, it's important to note that they are not entirely organic. However, by using these bio-nutrients, we often achieve results that are even better than those of regional and national providers, with considerably less reliance on traditional fertilizers and weed control products.


The Reality of Organic Lawn Care

  1. Challenges with Organic Weed Control: Fully organic lawn care, especially regarding weed management, faces practical limitations. Currently, it's difficult to effectively control weeds using only organic solutions.

  2. Efficient Fertilization: Organic fertilizers have their place, but they may not always meet the demands of optimal lawn care, particularly in regions like Richmond, where soil and climate conditions are unique.

Our Goal: Enhanced Effectiveness with Organic Additives

Our objective is to enhance the efficacy of the best available weed control products and to boost the performance of our nutrient-rich fertilizers, specifically chosen for the needs of lawns in the Richmond area. This strategic use of organic additives allows us to achieve superior lawn care results, often surpassing larger providers, while using fewer traditional lawn care chemicals.


At Turf Professors, we are committed to delivering effective lawn care that's considerate of the environment. By thoughtfully combining organic additives with traditional methods, we aim to maintain healthy, vibrant lawns that are beneficial both to the environment and your outdoor living space.

Explore Our Advanced Lawn Care Solutions

For those interested in a lawn care approach that skillfully integrates organic and traditional practices, Turf Professors is at your service. Contact us to learn more about our methods and products, and discover lawn care solutions that align with your environmental values and lawn care goals.


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