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Beautiful home lawn  - Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA


Doesn’t have a strong chemical odor after applications.

We are the leading provider of eco-friendly lawn treatment services in the Greater Richmond Area.

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By harnessing the latest advancements in organic lawn care products, we are able to substantially decrease the usage of synthetic fertilizer and weed control chemicals on your lawn. Despite using fewer chemicals, rest assured that the results are equal to or even better than what traditional lawn care service providers achieve. The seamless integration of these superior products, coupled with our unwavering dedication to ensuring proper and responsible application timing for services, allows us to deliver a level of customer service that remains unparalleled in the lawn care industry.  

Stunning Lawns, Sustainable Solutions

Grass favicon - Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA
Grass background - Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA

What Makes
Turf Professors

Our products are specifically labeled for residential lawn applications and do not have a strong odor.

We use organic soil amendments which naturally enhance the resilience of your lawn against stress and disease.

Our use of nutrient-rich fertilizers and reduced chemical usage helps safeguard the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Having smaller routes for our technicians leads to not only better customer service, but also ensures responsible application timing.

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your lawn care treatments, but still want to maintain an attractive lawn?

We're Here to Help!

Unlike traditional lawn care providers, we embrace the latest advancements in organic lawn care products, enabling us to reduce chemical and fertilizer usage. The result? A healthy and attractive lawn that prioritizes the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment.

Lawn Care Services

Girl laying on lawn - Turf Professors Lawn Care Service, Richmond, VA

See what our customers say.

"Turf Professors helped guide us through a lawn renovation last year and then took over the maintenance applications. The results have been incredible and we could not be happier!"

- Lisa W.

"After years of paying a larger company, we got tired of the poor customer service. After switching to Turf Professors, we feel like we have a partner with a vested interest in our yard!"

- Beth S.

"We used a larger company for years and saw very little results. Since switching to Turf Professors our grass has improved greatly.  The customer service is unmatched!"

- Wendee K.

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