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Do You Need a Lawn Renovation?

Embarking on a lawn renovation with Turf Professors is a transformative journey that unfolds from early July to late September. This process, while temporarily leaving your yard in transition, culminates in a lush, vibrant lawn. Our customers often share stories of curious neighbors inquiring about their bare yards, only to be amazed by the stunning transformation as the season progresses. Our renovation method, more cost-effective than sod, yields a resilient, healthier lawn that enhances your property.

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When to Consider Lawn Renovation

  1. Weed Infestation: If your lawn is over 50% weeds, it's a clear indicator that renovation may be necessary. Weeds compete with grass for nutrients and space, leading to a decline in lawn health and appearance.

  2. Bermuda Grass in Tall Fescue Lawns: Bermuda grass can infiltrate tall fescue lawns, creating unsightly brown patches in winter. Depending on the extent of Bermuda grass infestation, renovation might be the best solution to restore the uniformity and health of your lawn.

  3. Poor Soil Quality: Lawns with rocky, compacted, or nutrient-depleted soil are prime candidates for renovation. Such conditions inhibit healthy grass growth, and renovation can revitalize the soil, providing a solid foundation for a lush lawn.

Irrigation System Coordination

At Turf Professors, we facilitate connections between our clients and professional irrigation installers, ensuring that the installation is timed perfectly with the lawn renovation schedule. A well-installed irrigation system is essential for the efficient watering and success of your new lawn.

Turf Professors' Lawn Renovation Process

July - Existing Lawn Removal: The renovation begins with the removal of your current lawn. This often requires multiple treatments to effectively clear the area.

Early August - Landscaping and Mowing: Our landscaping partners meticulously clear the lawn area, preparing it for the renovation stages.

Mid August - Irrigation System Installation: We ensure that our clients are connected with professional irrigation installers, coordinating the installation to align with the renovation process.

Late August - Soil Enhancement: We enrich the soil with a topsoil and compost mix, improving its quality for the new grass.

Early September - New Lawn Installation: The process includes the application of a custom-blended fertilizer, lawn aeration, seeding at the correct density, and careful raking to embed the seeds into the soil.

Post-Renovation Care and Monitoring

We provide ongoing support and monitoring after renovation. Our team ensures your lawn is developing well, with the first mow typically occurring within about six weeks.


Considering a lawn renovation is an investment in the beauty and health of your property. With Turf Professors, you're not just getting a new lawn; you're getting a comprehensive care plan that includes expert advice, connections to top-notch irrigation installers, and ongoing support. Our goal is to ensure your lawn not only transforms but thrives, enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

Contact Turf Professors for Expert Lawn Renovation

Ready to transform your lawn? Reach out to Turf Professors. We're here to guide you through every step of the lawn renovation process, from initial consultation to post-renovation care, ensuring a seamless experience and a stunning result.


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