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How do I create stripes in my lawn?

Creating stripes in your lawn is a fantastic way to elevate its appearance, giving it the pristine look of golf courses and major league fields. However, it's important to approach this with the right technique and caution.

frozen grass blades

Understanding Lawn Striping

  1. Lawn Striping Kits: Products from companies like Big League Lawns offer specialized kits, such as the CheckMate™, designed to attach to various types of mowers. These kits bend the grass blades gently to create the striping effect.

Best Practices for Lawn Striping

  1. Optimal Conditions: The best results are usually seen in spring and early summer when the grass is actively growing.

  2. Watering and Mowing Practices: Proper watering and mowing at a higher setting are crucial. Taller grass bends more easily and retains the striped pattern longer.

Cautions When Using Striping Equipment

  1. Avoiding Wet Lawns: Be very cautious with striping equipment on overly wet lawns. Overly damp conditions can lead to the grass being pushed into the soil, potentially causing damage.

  2. Monitoring Lawn Health: If your lawn shows signs of heat stress, it's advisable to avoid using striping equipment. During extremely hot periods, give your lawn a break and mow only when necessary to prevent stress.

  3. Post-Aeration Care: After aeration and overseeding, remove striping equipment to prevent damage to new grass seedlings.


Lawn striping is an art that can significantly enhance your lawn's visual appeal. While it's an exciting way to beautify your lawn, it's essential to do so responsibly, taking into account the health and condition of your grass. Remember, the goal is to create a stunning lawn that remains healthy and resilient.

Need Assistance with Lawn Striping?

If you're considering adding stripes to your lawn or need guidance on best practices, feel free to contact Turf Professors. We're here to help you with expert advice on lawn striping techniques, ensuring your lawn is not just aesthetically pleasing but also well-maintained and healthy.



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