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How long does it take to treat your lawn?

At Turf Professors, our certified and highly skilled lawn technicians in Richmond, Virginia, work diligently to provide exceptional lawn care treatments. In this blog post, we shed light on the time it takes for our technicians to treat your yard and the meticulous process behind it. While it may seem that the technician spends only a few minutes on your lawn, rest assured that our efficiency and precision ensure your lawn receives the appropriate treatment it needs.

Turf Professors tech at work spraying lawn
Turf Professors tech at work

Our lawn technicians are thoroughly tested and certified by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They possess the expertise required to deliver effective treatments for your lawn. We take great care in calibrating their walk and spray patterns to ensure the application of precisely 2 gallons of liquid per 1000 square feet of lawn. This meticulous calibration guarantees accurate and uniform coverage, maximizing the benefits of the products we use.

The duration of the treatment process varies based on the size of your lawn. For a 12,000 square foot lawn, the application may take approximately 12-15 minutes. On the other hand, a smaller 2,500 square foot lawn can be treated efficiently in just 2-3 minutes. Our technicians are trained to optimize their time while maintaining the same high-quality treatment standards for lawns of all sizes.

To ensure accurate product application, we maintain digital records of every product used on your yard. This meticulous approach allows us to track and monitor the calibration of our equipment. Spray tanks are filled based on the square footage of the yards scheduled for treatment that day. This practice enables us to precisely measure the amount of product applied, guaranteeing consistent and effective treatment.

We employ advanced technology to track our technicians' presence on your property. By utilizing GPS and start-stop features on their mobile apps, we can measure the duration of their time spent treating your lawn. This verification system assures you that our technicians have thoroughly covered your yard and allocated the appropriate time required for each specific size.

We understand that some customers may perceive a shorter treatment duration as a lack of attention to their lawn. However, the time it takes for our technicians to treat your yard is a result of their expertise, efficient calibration, and adherence to specified application rates. Rest assured, regardless of the duration, your lawn receives the same high-quality treatment to maintain its health and sustainability.

At Turf Professors, we take pride in the efficiency and expertise of our certified lawn technicians. With precise calibration, digital record-keeping, and GPS tracking, we ensure accurate and effective treatments for lawns of all sizes. Trust our experienced team in Richmond, Virginia, to provide exceptional lawn care services, delivering sustainable results for years to come.

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