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Tall Fescue Watering Details

In Richmond, ensuring proper lawn irrigation is key to a healthy and attractive lawn. While specific treatment needs may vary, a consistent and effective watering regime is essential.

frozen grass blades

Optimal Watering Times for Your Lawn

To maximize the effectiveness of watering your lawn, aim to water during the early morning hours, specifically between 4 AM and 7 AM. This timing helps minimize water loss due to evaporation and reduces the likelihood of disease and fungal growth. Watering late in the day can increase the risk of lawn diseases.

Watering Amount

  • Seasonal Water Needs: Your lawn typically needs between 1” and 2” of water during the growing season, adjusted according to weather conditions.

  • Spring (March - May): 0.5” - 1” of water per week.

  • Summer (June - August): 1” - 2” of water per week.

  • Fall (October - First Frost): 0.75” - 1.5” of water per week.

Watering Frequency

  • Deep and Infrequent Watering: Watering every 2-3 days, rather than daily, is more beneficial, allowing deeper water penetration to the roots.

Measuring Water Application

  • Using Sprinkler Measuring Devices: To accurately gauge water application, use measuring devices and adjust your irrigation system accordingly.


Effective watering is essential for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your lawn in Richmond gets the right amount of water at the best times, fostering a vibrant and flourishing landscape.

Contact Turf Professors for Comprehensive Lawn Care

For more information about our environmentally responsible lawn care programs, which prioritize the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment, feel free to contact us. Turf Professors is here to assist you with all of your lawn care needs, ensuring that your outdoor space is well-maintained and thriving.


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