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Weed control following aeration and overseeding

At Turf Professors, we are committed to providing eco-friendly lawn care treatments that yield exceptional results. Today, we want to address the common concern of weed control during aeration and overseeding. While establishing new grass and rejuvenating your lawn after the hot and humid Richmond summers take precedence, we understand the frustration of unsightly weeds. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process and highlight our approach to weed control, emphasizing the importance of patience, nourishment, and a comprehensive treatment plan.

a weed on a green lawn

Focus on New Grass Establishment:

During aeration and overseeding, the primary objective is to establish new grass and restore your lawn's health. This process involves opening up the soil, watering daily, and providing additional fertilizer. While these steps may lead to the emergence of some weeds, it's crucial to be patient. Newly seeded grass is delicate and cannot tolerate weed control products until it has matured.

Prioritize Lawn Feeding and Nutrient Uptake:

After aeration and overseeding, our main focus is on feeding your lawn and enhancing its overall health. We provide your lawn with essential micro nutrients and organic soil amendments to improve nutrient uptake. By prioritizing the nourishment of your lawn, we ensure that it receives the necessary elements for robust growth and resilience.

Winterization and Weed Control:

In our final application of the year, round 7, we take steps to winterize your lawn. We administer a healthy dose of fertilizer to fortify your lawn for the colder months. Additionally, we apply a mild winter weed control herbicide to suppress the majority of weeds that may have germinated during aeration and overseeding. This process prepares your tall fescue lawn for a successful spring flush.

At Turf Professors, we understand the challenges of weed control during aeration and overseeding. Our eco-friendly lawn care treatments prioritize new grass establishment and overall lawn health. While some weeds may emerge, it's important to be patient and allow your new grass to mature before implementing weed control products. Our comprehensive approach includes focusing on feeding your lawn, providing essential micro nutrients, and utilizing organic soil amendments. In the final stage, we winterize your lawn with a fertilizer application and a mild weed control herbicide.

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly lawn care treatments and how we can help you achieve a vibrant, weed-free lawn. Trust Turf Professors to guide you on the path to a healthy and sustainable lawn.


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