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Why is There Moss in my Lawn?

Many homeowners often wonder why parts of their lawn are overtaken by moss. Understanding the root causes of moss growth is key to effectively dealing with this issue. At Turf Professors, we recognize that once soil pH is corrected, the persistence of moss is typically due to environmental factors.

frozen grass blades

Environmental Factors Contributing to Moss Growth

  1. Excessive Shade: Moss thrives in shaded areas where grass struggles to grow. Dense shade from trees or buildings can create conditions favorable for moss.

  2. Overabundance of Moisture: Lawns that are consistently damp are prime locations for moss. This can be due to overwatering, poor drainage, or naturally wet conditions.

  3. Inadequate Airflow: Limited air circulation can also promote moss growth. Areas surrounded by walls, fences, or dense vegetation often have restricted airflow, creating an environment where moss can flourish.

Strategies to Combat Moss in Your Lawn

Optimizing Watering Practices: Adjusting your watering routine is crucial. Ensure your lawn isn't overwatered and has adequate drainage. Watering deeply but less frequently encourages healthy grass growth and discourages moss.

Trimming Trees and Hedges: Increasing sunlight and airflow can significantly reduce moss growth. Consider trimming or pruning overhead trees and hedges to let in more light and improve air circulation.

Improving Lawn Health: A healthy, well-maintained lawn is less susceptible to moss. Regular mowing, fertilizing, and aeration can help grass outcompete moss.

Physical Removal: In some cases, physical removal of moss might be necessary. This can be done manually or with the help of specialized tools.


Moss in your lawn is often a sign of environmental conditions that need to be addressed. By optimizing watering practices, increasing sunlight and airflow, and enhancing overall lawn health, you can effectively control and prevent moss growth. Remember, a healthy lawn is your best defense against moss.

Need Help with Moss in Your Lawn?

If you're struggling with moss in your lawn, or need assistance in improving your lawn’s health, contact Turf Professors. We offer expert advice and services to help you tackle moss and other lawn challenges, ensuring your lawn stays lush and vibrant throughout the year.


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