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Why You Should Never Put Straw on Your Lawn

When considering how to best establish a new lawn, a common question arises about the use of straw as a cover. However, at Turf Professors, we strongly advise against using straw. Here’s why it’s not a good idea and what alternatives you should consider:

frozen grass blades

The Risks of Using Straw

  1. Unknown Origin and Cleanliness: The source of straw is often untraceable, which means we can’t be sure about its cleanliness. There's a risk that straw, especially if sourced from field edges, could be contaminated with Bermuda grass, Poa annua, or other weeds. If these weeds have gone to seed, using straw could introduce these invasive species into your lawn.

  2. Long-Term Consequences: Introducing foreign seeds into your lawn can lead to years of additional lawn care challenges. The effort and resources needed to combat these invasive weeds can be significant, turning a simple solution into a long-term problem.

Safe and Effective Alternatives

Instead of straw, consider these safer alternatives for lawn establishment:

  1. Erosion Control Blankets: These specialized blankets help stabilize the soil and seed, preventing erosion. They don't carry the risk of introducing foreign seeds and are effective in areas prone to erosion.

  2. Quality Topsoil and Compost: Applying a mix of topsoil and compost provides a nutrient-rich foundation for new grass. This combination not only promotes healthy growth but also helps keep the seeds in place, reducing the risk of erosion.


Using straw for new lawn establishment carries significant risks, particularly the potential for introducing invasive weeds. For a healthier alternative, we recommend methods like erosion control blankets or a blend of quality topsoil and compost. These approaches are effective in fostering a robust, weed-free lawn.

Consult Turf Professors for Lawn Repair and Re-establishment

If you're planning to, or have already experienced lawn damage due to construction or utility work, it's important to establish a plan for repair and re-establishment. Contact Turf Professors for expert guidance in this process. We specialize in developing strategies that ensure your lawn not only recovers but thrives with a healthy and weed-free stand of turf. Trust us to restore and enhance the beauty and health of your lawn.



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